Glocalings decided to start SAP Blogs to keep its clients, partners, employees and those associated with SAP up-to-date on Glocalings and on SAP. 

From SAP world we will bring important news, views and trends. From Glocalings we will share news, updates and some of the solutions that are being designed for the client. We may ring fence some of these solutions in order to protect the intellectual property rights. If any of these solutions are of interest to you, please do write to us, we will be happy to discuss.

We are also keeping a firm eye on the world around boundaries of SAP (or more accurately traditional SAP), popularly known as cloud. We know the extension are quite wide. Business today can-not afford not to be informed about these extensions. If you keep an eye on us, we will make sure you have eye on the cloud.  

We are also keeping a firm eye on changes around hardware capabilities. These changes are changing the application space at faster rates than most businesses can understand. As I write, hackers have invaded Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and the Swiss Bank as revenge against their actions against Wikileaks. Which brings us to the risk of the cloud and how we mitigate and manage those risks.We will keep an eye on that too.

The world of Enterprise Applications is changing at its fastest rates since early ’90s.Informed business leaders  are bringing IT right back into their strategy rooms. It is probably not far fetched to say, business leaders who ignore the changes in the IT world today is risking their business survival.