We have partnered with SAP to offer you number of SAP products on trials.

These Trials are available both on Cloud Application as well download-able versions. For qualified clients and customer we also offer no obligation try out workshops at our locations.

Participate in our events to learn about new products, software and services.

Expand your perspective, see clearly the limitlessness of possibilities and meet experts.


Glocalings now offers unique opportunity to buy Software, Services and Support Online. No more RFPs, no more time consuming purchasing process, no second guessing. What you see is what you get. So you buy what you need. No Second Guessing.

In an easy to use purchase interface our site helps you try, configure and buy solutions that you need.


  • SAP BI Out Of Box (More)This is our low cost for SME's who want to restrict their cost of SAP BI Implementation (including data-warehousing)
  • Managed Dashboard (More) Now you can fully outsource your Dashboard and BI needs to us. We will Set-up, support, deliver your dashboards and reports as end to end service
  • Shared Service Desk (More)You can buy either our "Service Packs" as Online pre-configured services or get it specially tailored for you. What is common is you pay as you need.


  • BusinessTransformation (More)We pride ourselves with our truly exceptional expertise within Large Global Transformation Projects.
  • Center of Excellence (More)As part of Outsourced Service Line, we can create your own Center of Excellence (SAP) in India, Brazil, Spain, Australia and South Africa to bring down costs with full control on quality
  • Application Selection (More)If you want to test any of SAP Products lines such as SAP HANA / TM / APO we can help you decide by building the prototype for you.

our expertise

Solution Architecture (More)We have deep experience and knowledge of wide spectrum of technologies and businesses. Our experts help you design solutions that are fit for purpose, futuristic and often create strategic depth for our customers.
Business Intelligence(More) Nobody can cover business intelligence as we do. We simply have the most cost effective solutions as well most advanced. We do business intelligence at the speed of thought