The amount of data being generated and stored both internally and externally has grown exponentially in the last few years. The ability to use this data has been recognised and is already being utilised by leaders in many different industries, including insurance, utilities and healthcare. Glocalings are big on Big Data, and posses the end-to-end capabilities, necessary to deliver on its promise.
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In Memory technology is already well-placed to replace traditional hard disk-based databases. Perhaps more importantly, it can even replace the need for relational database itself. Glocalings are one of the first UK consulting to recognise and launch solutions in this area.

actionable analytics

In most organisations, the CxOs have listed the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics as their top priority. However, less than a third of managers use these Analytics. Glocalings understands and has developed advanced capabilities to address the issue of lack of user adoption of Analytics.

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Glocalings (incorporating Knowledge Consultants India) were one of the earliest providers of Cloud solutions. We have provided Cloud-based ETailing solutions since 1997 and real estate solutions since 2001. Our Cloud solutions come in a variety of configurations, including on multi-tenancy for SMEs, via virtualisation, on dedicated servers, or to dedicated server rooms. Some of our Cloud solutions can gradually be converted into on-premise or customer-managed solutions, usually through the BOOT model.



Enabled through many different technologies and devices, Mobility is changing the manner in which customers want their goods and services delivered. This also means that Mobility introduces opportunities to decide where and how these can be delivered, or even to design new revenue-generating services. Glocalings can help through the provision of web interface to sites, designing innovative solutions such as the delivery of entertainment packs, or by predictive analytics the best mobile delivery centre based on dynamic data from mobile applications. Glocalings can also provide mobile infrastructure support services including architecture, design and implementation.

application selection

Due to numerous “game changing” (a cliqued but appropriate phrase) changes in the technology landscape, we are seeing the emergence of a plethora of enterprise applications. Of course, not all of these applications could be useful to your enterprise, but some of them merit due attention and evaluation. As a result of our deep knowledge of business and also of current technologies, Glocalings possess the facilities to evaluate a wide range of software.